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Ageless wisdom on how to overcome any life challenge with GRACE

An inspiring new book that shows you how to overcome adversity regardless of what life has in store for you.

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Overcomer’s Inc., Inspiring Stories of Hope,
Courage and Inspiration

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Love Your Life Publishing, Inc. (October 1, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1934509265

Discover how 38 ordinary people have overcome amazing obstacles. People who lived through extraordinary experiences to overcome sometimes small, other times seemingly insurmountable, odds. Experiences that have honed and shaped each one into better, stronger, and wiser people. They are ready to share with you what happened and how they handled it.

Gain hope through their words and stories

Life is hard. There’s no disputing this. Changing economy, loss of jobs, illness, accidents, and financial uncertainty are only a handful of what life holds for so many. Much of this we cannot avoid. However, we can choose how we respond to what life puts in front of us.

It has been said, “It’s not what happens that matters…
it’s what we do about it.”

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By sharing our stories and the wisdom that we gained, we want to inspire you to hang on during even the toughest of situations. No matter what challenge you are facing, whether your health, your job, your relationships, or your family, you are not alone. Help and healing will arrive, just at the perfect time.

We are 38 ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary situations and have put our stories in a book for you.

This is the kind of book you will want to have quiet time to enjoy. Grab your favorite beverage, curl up on the couch and share in the journey each of us took. We hope our stories inspire you to hold on and know there is a brighter day ahead.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.”

Thomas Edison 1847-1931,
Inventor and Entrepreneur

Create a Life of Happiness, Joy and Serenity

Discover how even the darkest situation can be the greatest blessing in your life.

What would it be worth to you to learn how to deal with virtually any situation life puts in your path?

With Overcomers, Inc. True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration!, you will learn what it takes to have a life filled with more joy, happiness, abundance and fulfillment starting right now.

maura cullen

“I travel the world teaching about diversity and empowerment, and how we can all rise above our own personal circumstances and become better people. When I read Overcomers, Inc., I was struck by the diversity of the authors and their stories, yet the book comes together around a strong message: that no situation is hopeless, that no one is ever alone, and that everyone can reach beyond their circumstances and triumph. This is a book for everyone. It will empower and uplift all who read it. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Maura Cullen, Leading Diversity Speaker,
author of 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say,

Dale Goldstein

“One of my favorite sayings is “The only way out is through!” This wonderful book is full of stories about people who didn’t let fear, pain, or discouragement stop them from pursuing their paths. Very inspiring and highly recommended!”

Dale Goldstein, LCSW,
author of the award-winning book,
Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want,

Jim and Judith

“Life is always a series of challenges. Some small – some beyond challenging. And as this book so beautifully promises, always there is hope. So expect to be inspired and uplifted by these real life stories of triumph and spiritual expansion. And it’s a good read!”

Judith Sherven, PhD, and Jim Sniechowski, PhD,
authors of #1 best seller,The Heart of Marketing,

In Overcomer’s, Inc., you share in the experiences of people who are your neighbors, co-workers, gym buddy, church member, or virtually anyone who lives an ordinary life and is called to go through extraordinary experiences.

The 38 authors come from all walks of life around the globe. They were compelled to share a part of themselves in hopes that their stories would inspire, delight, bring comfort, laughter and reflection to those who read them.

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Are you someone who is looking for a gentler path in life? A life of joy, passion and serenity? Then look no further. In Overcomer’s, Inc., you will…

  • Discover how to handle even the toughest situations with grace.
  • Find out how others deal with adversity to become more of who they are meant to be.
  • Evaluate what is really important in order that you will have more meaning in your life.
  • Understand that life’s experiences are often the very things that guide us to our divine path.
  • Learn how to create more happiness, fulfillment, passion and joy in all areas of your life.

As you read each story you will come to love the essence of all the authors. Each shares what it took to overcome even the most difficult situations to become a beacon of light to others.

Overcomers, Inc., is not your typical inspirational book. It is one you will want to keep close by to enjoy whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced situations that were often so overwhelming there seemed no end in sight. Each author shares their own “no end in sight” experience that molded them into the people they are today.

With Overcomers, Inc. True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration!, take a memorable journey that will leave you laughing, crying, reflecting and knowing you never have to be alone ever again regardless of how difficult a situation life offers you.

Kim Myllis

“The stories in this book are not only inspiring, they are also thought provoking. They make you look at your life and want to do more and be more. They provide both hope and optimism and give you a sense that you can truly accomplish anything.”

Kimberly A. Mylls,
co-author, Boys Before Business: The Single Girl’s Guide to Having it All,
co-founder of

Andrea Leehs

“A seriously terrific book. I was moved to tears and laughter within pages, and can’t wait to order a box to give as gifts. Overcomers, Inc. also happens to be a genuine reflection of the humanity of the authors. Both book and authors are wise, light, and make the world a better place.”

Andrea J. Lee,
author, How I Wonder… Thought Leadership in a Noisy World,

Maryam Webster

“It is no coincidence that happiness, gratitude in practice, and simple yet time-honored truths are key themes in this beautiful collection of stories where faith, hope, optimism, and sheer determination triumph over the worst of odds. If you’re stuck in a rut, or doing well, either way you’ll enjoy the unfailingly positive message and relish the tools Overcomers, Inc. provides to surface deep gratitude and awareness to empower your life.”

Maryam Webster
author, Everyday Bliss For Busy Women,

“There is no better way to work on your life than to have a coach or mentor beside you helping you keep your eye on the goal and cheering you on. The stories in Overcomers, Inc. inspire you to reach deeper and work harder, knowing that it is possible to rise above disappointments, set-backs, and tragedies, to succeed and become the best you can possibly be.”

~ Ruth Lee,
author, Angel of the Maya,

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Lee Pound

Overcomers, Inc. is filled with inspirational stories from ordinary people who faced extraordinary challenges and overcame them through persistence and hard work. No matter where you are in life, they will inspire you to even greater accomplishment. Buy it, read it, live it.”

Lee Pound,
editor, publisher, coach, author of 57 Steps to Better Writing

You can begin to instantly benefit just for purchasing one print copy of this inspiring book.

This book shifts your awareness to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before. This is a must-read for anyone who is looking to live a life they love; a life filled with faith, trust, acceptance and serenity.

If you are serious about achieving a deep level of appreciation and happiness, then now is the time for you to make an investment that will guarantee a huge returns!

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Lisa Manyon

“As a firm believer that we have complete control over how we graciously accept the lessons of life, I am refreshed through reading Overcomers, Inc. This body of work chronicles the ultimate journey of acceptance and opportunity. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning “why?” something happened, you must read this book. The stories reinforce that there is always a “how” that will move you on to the next delicious experience in life. We may not always know the reason something happens when it’s happening, but we can always apply the lesson to enrich our lives.”

Lisa Manyon,
Professional Copywriting & Marketing Strategist,

Here’s what you get:

  • A great book teaching you how to achieve a life filled with faith, trust, acceptance and serenity!
  • An opportunity to learn about overcoming adversity from 38 ordinary people who did so with extraordinary grace.
  • Introduction to a quality network of experts and their businesses.
  • New information by industry experts that can improve your personal and professional life.

You get all this for the price of the book.

Lorraine Cohen

“At a time in the world when so many people are feeling fear about their future and questioning their faith, Overcomers, Inc. comes as a Divine answer, reminding us that when faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds, miracles occur when we approach life with a loving, open and courageous heart. After reading each story, you cannot help being transformed in some way. This is one book you’ll keep by your nightstand for when you need a dose of hope and inspiration!”

Lorraine Cohen,
Spiritual Life Coach & Advisor, Speaker, Broadcaster

Anna Stookey

“These pieces will make you want to cry and smile at the same time. They are heart-wrenching, inspiring, and right from the heart. If you’re going through a tough time and need inspiration, the words in Overcomers, Inc. will remind you that you’re not alone. The authors remind us that even in the midst of terrible change and crisis, hope and transformation are not only possible but inevitable.”

Anna Stookey, MA, MFT,
Bodymind Specialist and Psychotherapist,

Gildart Jackson

“Fans of our film “You” are often looking for comforting ways to overcome the loss the film depicts. I found the book magnificent. To read these stories of people who have ‘overcome’ throws such light on my own process. I found it enlightening, very useful and I highly recommend it.”

Gildart Jackson,
producer, writer, actor,

Max Wellspring

“At the end of reading the beautiful poignant stories, the first word that came to my mind was “Wow!” These are extraordinary and brave stories… not only inspiring, but soul stirring. Each one of these narratives is proof that there is a choice to co-create with Source that will inevitably bring healing. All the authors had the trust, willingness, and courage to make that choice, and surrender to the mystery of life’s unfolding, demonstrating how tragedies, illness, disappointment and betrayal can be shape-shifted into miracles. It is a noble book not only for these unprecedented turbulent times, and serves as a beacon of hope for all of us in the human condition.”

Max Wellspring,

Art Maines

“These true stories of regular people overcoming tough times will give you the strength to carry on to the peace and healing possible in your own life. Each one is a jewel of inspiration and encouragement.”

Art Maines,

Reah Perry

“If you need a quick dose of encouragement, the wisdom you will read here will help you learn to embrace tragedy, deal with it quickly and be thankful for it, instead of considering it the bane of society. When you finish reading this marvelous collection of stories, thank God for His grace in your life. Then pass this copy on to the person who needs it most. You’ll know who it is.”

Rhea Perry,
Educator for Families and Entrepreneurs,

“Wow! I was so touched and moved by the stories in Overcomers, Inc.! I love reading stories that inspire me – and this book definitely delivers. Overcomers, Inc. will not only inspire you, it will empower you, granting not only hope, but the tenacity and courage to never give up, never stop believing, and always keep moving forward. I highly recommend it!”

Hallie Thompson,

Jana Hollingsworth

“This book is an amazing compilation of inspiring, uplifting, and motivating stories that will keep you wanting more! After reading these heartfelt stories, I feel enlightened and empowered to deal with adversity from an entirely different perspective! Thank you to all the brave authors who shared their stories!”

Jana Hollingsworth,
Intuitive Life Coach,

Kelly LeFevre

“At a time in our culture when there is such a media focus on the negative, this book is a refreshing blessing. This book has three gifts to share with the reader. First, it serves as a source of inspiration to help us overcome our own challenges. Second, the contributing authors are real life role models in “how to” overcome. Third, and I think this may be the most subtle yet important gift, it gives us a broader perspective about the true magnitude of our own challenges. Using Overcomers, Inc. as a kind of benchmark, we can ask ourselves, “Is what is happening to me right now really as bad as I’m making it out to be?” Thank you for your vision and bringing all of these amazing people together so they could share their stories.”

Kelly LeFevre, MSM, LMT,
Author, Speaker & Marketing Coach

Katrina Sawa

Overcomers, Inc. is an inspiring, heart-focused book of real-life stories about individuals with real-life challenges; ones we all have to find ways to overcome every day. I found it comforting to read, to know ‘I’m not alone’ in my own challenges. Everyone has them and some unfortunately much larger than mine. I also found it heartwarming to read that those with so many obstacles in life chose to make such a huge difference in others’ lives in return, and in doing so became heroes themselves.”

Katrina Sawa,
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach,

Jim Hughey

“Before you read Overcomers, Inc., start your engines of courage, faith, and strength. You will need them to keep up with the incredible authors who wrote and lived these stories. These stories of hope demonstrate that you always have a choice between victimhood and triumph. This is a book that everyone must read, study, and practice. Then, never let anything stop you again!”

Jimm Hughey, MS,
Master Wealth Acceleration Coach,

Cindy Morris

“I was moved to tears by the inspiring stories of Overcomers, Inc. My heart filled with renewed faith in the miraculous strength and resiliency of the human spirit.”

Cindy Morris, MSW,
Best-selling author of,
Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job,

Michael Kaye

“Working with chronic pain patients for over 20 years they all share a common feeling-the loss of hope. They feel that they are all alone and their life has changed forever and there is nothing left but suffering. Reading these compelling stories from people who span the globe, one realizes they are not alone in this world. To help my patients heal, I recommend they read Overcomers, Inc. These stories are from real people who suffered real challenges in life and came out the other side a stronger person–a person with self-confidence and hope.”

Dr. Michael Kaye,

Everyone goes through some type of a struggle whether it is personally or professionally. Adversity is a part of life.

Some people seem to handle adversity with much more ease, acceptance and understanding while others struggle every step of the way. Is it that the 38 authors were born lucky or did they discover a secret along the way?

Each will tell you that the faith, belief, mindset and gratitude they developed over the years is their secret.

Join 38 ordinary, yet extraordinary, men and women as they share their personal journeys of overcoming adversity.

You’ll never look at adversity the same way!

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This book will put you on a life-changing journey to more faith, belief, gratitude and peace of mind!

You will be astounded with
each and every story.

P.S. You will gain incredible insights sure to delight and amaze you.

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P.S.S. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is “yet another” book on improving your life. Overcomers, Inc. gives you insights into what it took for each and every author to overcome even the most difficult situations.

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